location: the palace at Forres.  characters: banquo, macbeth, lady macbeth, servent, 1st murderer, 2nd murderer

banquo is thinking about the coronation of macbeth and how thats what the witches said would happen so he begins thinking about his line eventually may be on the throne if what the witches said come ture. macbeth and lady macbeth invite banquo over for the feast they will be hosting for dinner woll all of their friends and family, banquo accepts, and suggests that they should talk about malcolm and donalbain. macbeth begins fearing banquo because he is suspicious about the murder he begins thinking about how macbeths line will no longer be heir to the throne after him and it will be banquos family instead. macbeth meets with the murderers to kill banquo.


“but to be safly thus. -our fears in banquo stick deep, and in his royalty of nature reigns that which would be feared”-macbeth (saying how the only person he fears is banquo because he is suspicious of him killing duncan)

“upon my head they placed a fruitless crown, and put a barren sceptre in my gripe”-macbeth (macbeth is talking about how his line will no longer be heir to the throne after him)


location: a court within the castle.   characters: lady macbeth, servant, macbeth

lady macbeth is asking about banquo and has a quick word with macbeth, where macbeth says that all of the people there are now their enemies. macbeth tells lady macbeth that he feels really disconnected and that although they have killed duncan there is still more people that are threats to them staying on the throne. so he has made a plan to kill fleance and banquo so she has to be really nice to them throughout dinner in order to make them feel safe.


“be innocent of the knowlage, dearest chuck, till thou applade the deed”- macbeth

“o full of scorpians is my mind, dear wife! thou know’t that banquo and his fleance lives”- macbeth


location: somewhere far away from the the castle. characters: 1,2,3 murdereres, banquo

banquo and fleance get of their horses and the murders light a torch and kill banquo as he tells his son to leave quickly so he doesnt die. fleance escapes and the murderers leave with banquos body to show macbeth.


“treachery ! run fleance run! run! run! you can revenge me. oh, villains”-banquo


location: a hall in the palace.  characters: macbeth, lords, lady macbeth 1st murderer, lenox, ross,

macbeth and lady macbeth enter as king and queen and as they do so macbeth sees the 1st murderer, and the murderer tells him that they only killed banquo and fleance escaped. macbeth is so mad that fleance has escaped. , macbeth gets back to the guests and he tells the guests that its very rude of banquo to not be here and where is he? and he sees a ghost of banquo with the 20 stab wounds and lady macbeth makes up a lie and tells the guest that he sometimes has visions and they should just ignore them (because he is talking to the ghost which nobody else can see), the ghost disaperars then reappears and lady macbeth asks the guests to leave the room for a minute, and macbeth says to lady macbeth that he will do whatever it takes for his family to remain in the line. he tells lady macbeth he will return to see the witches tomorrow to check who is going to get suspicious of him. the guests reenter, and lady macbeth is saying to macbeth that this is another hollusination like the dagger. (which is letting out secrets about duncan.)


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