3rd May 2017

Act 4 Scene 1

Tuesday morning.                                         Friar Lawrence’s cell.                               Characters: Friar Lawrence, Juliet, Paris

Juliet is at the Friars cell with Paris and he keeps talking about the wedding and how she is his wife. She doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to marry him.  Paris leaves and she tells the Friar that the knife is going to make her decision if she has to marry Paris. Meaning she will kill herself. She also says that she wants to be faithful to Romeo.  The Friar makes a plan for Juliet. He tells her to pretend that she is happy to marry Paris, then go to bed alone and once she is in bed take a potion,  it will slow her pulse so much to the point that she looks like she is dead.  Her skin will go pale and she will have no control over her body.  After 42 hours she will awaken just like she has been asleep.  So therefore she will be unable to marry Paris.  When she wakes up she will be in the Capulet tomb (where all of the dead Capulets are.) with Romeo and the Friar by her side.  Then she will be able to escape with Romeo to Mantua.

Quote; give me, give me! O tell not me of fear.

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